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MLS# Price AddressCity/State/Zip Beds Baths Sq. Ft. Acres
View2425456$124,90070675 Radcliff RdRadcliff, OH 456953223211.00
View2425455$72,0002394 Second StSyracuse, OH 457792100.09
View2425454$39,900189 Daft RdGallipolis, OH 4563131.514640.91
View2425453$499,00032046 Red Hill RdLangsville, OH 4574164511084.22
View2425452$30,69021 Straight RoadPatriot, OH 456584100.70
View2425448$394,900980 Hall and Davis RdVinton, OH 4568632.5226255.00
View2425440$164,90046 Eblin RdCrown City, OH 4562331128850.15
View2425445$119,000105 Thompson RdVinton, OH 4568623001.49
View2425447$94,9001944 State Route 218Gallipolis, OH 456313218081.48
View2425446$74,9005296 Washington RdAlbany, OH 457102111500.07
View2425444$63,00040400 Carpenter Hill RdPomeroy, OH 457694200.00
View2425449$40,00064119 ST. Rt. 124Reedsville, OH 457721.00
View2425443$34,900RosemaryAthens, OH 457010.55
View2425441$34,900RosemaryAthens, OH 457010.87
View2425442$34,900RosemaryAthens, OH 457010.52
View2425439$229,90012111 Bean Hollow RdAthens, OH 4570121071.64
View2425435$325,00042391 SR 7Tuppers Plains, OH 4578301.77
View2425437$220,00011845 Peach Ridge RdAthens, OH 457014305.01
View2425436$159,900431 Second AveGallipolis, OH 4563129000.21
View2425438$101,000247 W UnionAthens, OH 457013210500.00
View2425433$55,900606 Third AveGallipolis, OH 456313113710.09
View2425426$229,50012700 Rich LnAthens, OH 457014322881.04
View2425432$99,90017025 State Route 7 SCrown City, OH 456233214000.50
View2425429$99,000RoweRacine, OH 4577148.33
View2425431$89,000977 Walnut StNelsonville, OH 457643200.10
View2425428$55,00020 New StGlouster, OH 45732219840.14
View2425427$42,00013924 Hack StMurray City, OH 43144219800.13
View2425423$207,00027 Roxbury DrAthens, OH 457014200.50
View2425425$135,00062 & 64 Ohio AveThe Plains, OH 457804218520.15
View2425424$54,9001331 Nevada AveLogan, OH 431383114400.69
View2425421$399,0001 Pinewood WayAthens, OH 4570132.500.50
View2425418$230,0005770 Radford RdAthens, OH 4570132.501.11
View2425419$140,0007 Fort StAthens, OH 457013200.16
View2425420$119,0009472 ST Rt 682Athens, OH 457013211280.57
View2425422$109,9005971 State Route 141Gallipolis, OH 4563141.2511760.40
View2425410$167,50016 Meadow LaneAthens, OH 457012210120.23
View2425414$159,900225 Kelley DrGallipolis, OH 456313317610.42
View2425415$150,00034037 Swick RdMiddleport, OH 4576078.76
View2425413$114,0003820 Dutch Ridge RdGuysville, OH 45735218888.21
View2425412$59,99964119 SR 124Reedsville, OH 4577201.00
View2425411$59,900350 SR 218Gallipolis, OH 456313220520.33
View2425417$48,00022 Fairlawn AveGlouster, OH 457324300.14
View2425416$38,00018 North StGlouster, OH 457323300.14
View2425408$260,0002 Forest StAthens, OH 457013324320.47
View2425409$229,9007972 Floyd DrThe Plains, OH 457804400.26
View2425407$240,0005 N ShannonAthens, OH 4570142.500.14
View2425403$165,00026 Meadow LnAthens, OH 457013200.08
View2425404$49,900Hack StMurray City, OH 431441142280.24
View2425405$49,900Hack St.Murray City, OH 4314400.24
View2425401$649,9003366 SR 141Gallipolis, OH 456315355235.00
View2425402$389,00031190 Roy Jones RdRacine, OH 457714300.97
View2425398$149,000Township Rd 346Middleport, OH 45760113.00
View2425397$140,0007 Blossom LnThe Plains, OH 457803200.32
View2425395$120,000Pleasant Hill RdAthens, OH 4570113.00
View2425399$115,00015 S Shafer StAthens, OH 457014200.00
View2425394$285,00011711 Peach RidgeAthens, OH 457015430162.99
View2425393$210,000115 N CongressAthens, OH 457015200.21
View2425392$165,00053 S May AveAthens, OH 457012111740.12
View2425390$135,900Four Mile RdJackson, OH 4564029.00
View2425391$132,900Four Mile RdJackson, OH 4564030.00
View2425389$225,00035410 681 RdAlbany, OH 457102215369.07
View2425388$84,90032581 Morgan RdMcarthur, OH 4565132.505.00
View2425387$159,000Spears Hill RdStockport, OH 4378772.70
View2425383$99,0007777 Bethany Ridge RdGuysville, OH 4573500025.92
View2425385$40,000111 Court StPomeroy, OH 4576900.03
View2425386$34,900246 Spears Hill RdStockport, OH 437875.32
View2425384$28,000403 Maple StMarietta, OH 457503115640.09
View2425381$749,9003366 SR 141Gallipolis, OH 4563153040.00
View2425379$350,0007892 N Coolville Ridge RdAthens, OH 457014201.20
View2425380$69,9002020 Johnson Ridge RoadGallipolis, OH 4563134.69
View2425376$198,5002990 Ackley RdGuysville, OH 4573532168023.95
View2425377$69,900556 & 558 Third Ave.Gallipolis, OH 456314200.11
View2425373$195,0008 Wallace DrAthens, OH 457012200.13
View2425371$175,00048090 Reibel RdLong Bottom, OH 457433218001.50
View2425374$159,90034 Curtis StAthens, OH 457013200.00
View2425372$125,000Hill RdRacine, OH 4577112.81
View2425367$339,0007085 N Blackburn RdAthens, OH 457014327000.54
View2425370$61,90016152 Main StMillfield, OH 457612200.18
View2425368$59,000900 Broadway StMiddleport, OH 45760219720.11
View2425369$35,0008144 New Marshfield RdNew Marshfield, OH 457662100.28
View2425366$292,00016579 Millfield RdAthens, OH 4576121080.00
View2425365$475,0008045 Clarks Chapel RdAthens, OH 4570153.538746.79
View2425364$189,900Gearing Ridge RdMcarthur, OH 45651119.50
View2425362$169,0001687 Morton AveAlbany, OH 457103214000.14
View2425363$135,00029760 State Route 143Albany, OH 457103212485.00